SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  

Healing Tuning Forks and Musical Tuning Forks

In the list below we outline some of the most requested scales and sets - the Verdi set, Medical, Physical Scale, Musical, Chakra, Solfeggio, Concert, Pythagorean, Maria Renold and Technical. but we know that tuning fork specialists employ many other combinations as wellWe will work with you to get the best and most economical plan.   

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Order individual Custom Hz Tuning Forks  or larger Tuning Forks (Group B) from 30 Hz to 99 Hz.) You may order in any combination and any quantity. Custom Tuning Forks are any tuning forks with frequencies from 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  which are not part of our Standard (Verdi Set of 3 plus One) Reperetoire. Carry pouches are sold separately, and are not included with bulk orders. 

SWB 256 offers discounts on all our Standard and Custom, American made, excellent quality aluminum Tuning Forks when ordered in quanities of mroe than 25.

Singers and musicians, healers and doctors, medical offices, physics labs, teachers, and anyone who needs more than just one tuning forks can order in bulk. Please email [email protected]  with the specific quantity and frequency (Hz).  Verdi Sets ship within 3 days. Custom frequencies take longer, allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery.   

 Verdi Set of 3:  
The original Verdi Set of Middle C at 256 Hz, the Verdi "la"of 432 Hz and the C above middle C at 512 Hz.  Read more about Verdi Tuning  on our other pages Weights can be added to any of these for an additional $7.50 per item. 

Verdi set of 3 plus One ~ Order Extra Sets 
The frequencies are 128 Hz,  256 Hz,  432 Hz,  512 Hz.  Stay in tune with the universe with the Verdi Set plus One. 
This is the best value.

Set of six premium aluminum tuning forks in handsome zippered vinyl case for medical professionals.  These forks deliver pure tone frequencies of C128, C256, C512, C1024, C2048 and C4096.  

These forks are used in many industries for instrument calibration:  125Hz,  250Hz,  500Hz,  1000Hz,  2000Hz,  4000Hz  

 This scale, often called the Physical Scale, is based on C=256 Hz and its octave  C=512 Hz. The intervals are determined by strict mathematics, and not by human vocal registration, so the "A" is distinct from the Verdi "La".  This scale has many scientific uses, and is an approximation for music and singing, although human creative activity, such as classical musical tuning, requires more than mathematical calculation.  C256 Hz (Do),  D288 Hz (Re),  E320 Hz (Mi),  F 341 .3 Hz (Fa),  G 384 Hz (Sol),  A 426.7 Hz (La),  B480 Hz (Ti),  C512Hz (Do). 

A440 Hz: 
We do not recommend or endorse this so-called "standard concert scale" which is based on A=440Hz, and is still  used by many orchestras today.  However, we can produce fine quality tuning forks for this scale:  
C 261.6 Hz, D 293.7 Hz, E 329.6 Hz, F 349.2 Hz, G 392 Hz, A 440 Hz, B 493.9 Hz, 523.2 Hz  

Ancient Solfeggio Set: 
This Set of 9  "Ancient Solfeggio" forks is used by healers, sound and vibration therapists, and wellness professionals involved in stress relief, relaxation,yoga and other therapy. The frequencies of this scale are 174 Hz,  285 Hz,  396 Hz,  417 Hz,  528 Hz ,  639 Hz,  714 Hz,  852 Hz, and  963 Hz.  The frequencies (Hz) of the "Ancient Solfeggio" scale are not the same as the  Hz of today's Well Tempered Western Musical Scale.

       Often ordered as a Set of 6 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz , 639 Hz, 714 Hz, 852 Hz - .  Each is also sold separately   as Custom Hz.

Chakra Sets:s 
The Chakra Set of 8 Tuning Forks is 
used by wellness professionals, yoga teachers, Eastern medicine practitioners, sound and other healing therapy. We have 2 different sets: The names Chakra A and Chakra B are used here simply to make ordering easier for you: 
        Chakra A is the set of  136.10 Hz (Heart - 4th),  194.18 Hz (Root - 1st)   210.42 Hz (Sacral - 2nd), 126.22 Hz (Solar Plexus - 3rd), 141.27 Hz (Throat - 5th), 221.23 Hz (Third Eye - 6th),  172.06 Hz (Crown - 7th),  272.20 Hz (Soul- 8th) . These may be ordered as WEIGHTED for $60 additional.  The names as well as the Hz can be engraved. Sold Separately for $27 each 
         Chakra B is the set of   C256 Hz (Do),  D288 Hz (Re),  E324 Hz (Mi), F 341.3 Hz (Fa),  G 384 Hz (Sol), A 432Hz (La),  B486 Hz and C512 Hz.   

 Baker's Dozen: Set of 13: 
There are many reasons for a Set of 13, including interesting combinations or the chromatic scale. One scale, the Twelve True fifths scale was developed by musician and researcher Maria Renold and published in 1985, based on C=128 Hz. Combining the ancient Greek Pythagorean measurements with the equal tempered scale, this set is a 12 tone scale with Middle C=256 Hz and A=432 Hz. This Set of 13 Tuning Forks is $287, and includes Free Shipping.  256 Hz, C#/Db 271.5 Hz 288 Hz, D#/Eb 305.5 Hz,   E 324 Hz, 341.3 Hz,  F#/Gb 362 Hz,  G 384 Hz,  G#Ab 407.3,Hz,  A 432Hz, A#/Bb 458.2 Hz,  B486 Hz and C512 Hz. Substitutions are permitted.  
Indian Music Ragas:

Both the Northern Indian tradition (Hindustani) and the Southern Indian tradition (Carnatic or Karnatak) of Classical Music may sound unfamiliar to Western listeners, because the interval relationships, tuning systems and scales are different, even though there are twelve tone scales containing an octave used in composition. The "Sa" pitch of the Indian raga may correspond to C=256 Hz   and other requested Custom Hz for example, the 136.10 Hz, for the Thats and Melas can be ordered.

 Educational Tools:

Sympathetic Resonator Set: This demonstrates the principle of sympathetic vibration. The matched set of aluminum tuning forks feature one adjustable and one fixed frequency fork to demonstrate "beat" phenomenon. (Calibrated hardwood resonator boxes and rubber striking hammer are included.) Excellent for the classroom.  

Adjustable 7-Frequency Fork: This demonstrates to students how different weights and mass effect frequency. Physical scale C-128, D-144, E-160, F-170.7, G-192, A-213.3 and B-240 frequencies are attained by moving weights to calibration marks etched in fork.  

Ames Kit for Acoustical Demonstration:  This kit combines tuning fork with half-wave open tube to produce an integrally-coupled tuning fork resonator cavity.  it is used to demonstrate sympathetic vibration, "beat" phenomenon, energy transfer, Doppler effect, and more.  The kit  comes in a a case, and includes  one 880 Hertz tube, one 880 Hertz fork, one 883 Hertz fork and rubber striking pad, and with instructions for conducting experiments.