SWB 256 Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks 30 Hz to 6000 Hz  

 SWB 256 Tuning Forks 
Verdi Tuning Forks
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SWB 256 Tuning Forks

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  432 Hz,   256 Hz,   128 Hz,   512 Hz  and  ANY Custom Hz  


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SWB 256 Tuning Forks are long lasting, non-tarnishing and non-rusting, American-made from durable aluminum, and each is engraved with its own Hz.   Weighted or unweighted, they are perfect for your unique Music, Science, Healing, Hearing, Medical testing, Educational, Physics lab, Science, Sound and Calibration needs.  Individual Tuning Forks are placed in a  lightweight pouch or carry bag for you.  We offer Activators, striking hammers and Mallets, to enhance the resonance.    

Order ANY combination of Verdi Tuning Forks, and have them specially produced and shipped to you within 2- 3 weeks. 

Each of our Verdi Tuning Forks for Music and Tuning is engraved with its own Hz. Ask about Custom Stamping (engraving), up to 3 lines.

Sing with Beauty at the Verdi Tuning!   Each scientifically calibrated tuning fork will last a lifetime with normal care. 

Science  teachers from primary school up through university physics classes can order in bulk. Order your Musical Tuning Forks, Healing Tuning Forks and your Chakra, Solfeggio, Sound therapy, Calibration and Science Tuning Forks and accessories, including Education items, pouches and striking mallets at the SWB 256 Tuning Forks Online Store.  

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SWB 256 Tuning Forks Store  Brand new, best quality, American made, naturally vibrating aluminum Tuning Forks.   Order your Tuning Forks Weighted or Unweighted.

Standard Verdi Tuning Forks (128 Hz * 256 Hz * 432 Hz * 512 Hz) for the Verdi Tuning;  
Custom Hz Tuning Forks (ANY Hz from 30 Hz to 6000 Hz).  
Activators, pouches, Educational Items
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